Dear Scarlett Johansson


I never have been good with words even though I am known to slip the words ” I am sorry” 7-10 times a day. However with real apologies I have never been good. I used to not like you. I used to think you were just another sex idol. I saw myself as a missionary girl who was “on fire” for Jesus. However, in my eyes you were just some celebrity who cared about herself. Whenever I first heard your name I thought you were Scarlett O’Hara the girl from “Gone with the Wind”. When  I saw you I changed my mind quick.  I was hoping guys would be crushing over an old fashioned classy chic not some blonde hair blued eyed babe. However, I realized I was seeing you how I wanted to perceive you. I realize now a few things.  First you are the most the most elegant and classy girl  I have ever seen. You are also so very human. So am I. You loved your mom but was sad that she was crying when you lost your virginity at 17. You swore you fell in love for the first time at 14. You swoon over boys the way all of us girls do. However you are so very reserved. It is actually shocking you play roles that involve so much sexuality. Although you are extremely appealing I know you don’t like being the center of attention. You prefer close friends. You don’t want your dating life out there for the world to know. You have this way of drawing guys to you but special guys. Guys who are really attracted to you are attracted to your soul first I can tell. This interview I saw the other day broke my heart. Guys were saying that your boobs were to saggy. They said you look too old. It broke my heart because it is the same things I hear every day. You and I we are so different. I am a Republican and you are a Liberal. (By the was I am very sorry obama did not want your help in campaigning). Yet we are both introverted, we both are reserved and a mystery to a world, we both will still dress vintage despite the critics, and we both will keep pouring our heart and love into the people closes to us. We want our privacy but we share we those we love. We hate our nicknames. Mine is Meg and yours is ScarJo. I just wanted you to know you are beloved. You are treasured and valued.  I would do anything for you to be seen. I hope you keep your head up. Most likely we will never cross path. Oh but I would love if we do. I would appreciate taking you out on my favorite thing I like to call coffee dates with strangers. I would get to know you for who you truly are. I would tell you that you are complete. It is okay to want people in your life but please do not beg them to stay. You are beloved. You matter. You have a purpose. You are here to breathe a little life into this broken world.  I am here to cheer you on. I will be your support.


2 thoughts on “Dear Scarlett Johansson

  1. I enjoyed your post, I like Scarlett Johannson too, and also recognize God’s call to love others in truth not because they fit into our ideas of what they should be. I hope she can come to truly know God and use her gifts to share Him with the world.


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