What I am into – August 2015

Read: I am ashamed to admit that I barely read this month. Hopefully next month will be better. Thankfully the one book I did read was pretty good.

We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Adichie – This book was amazing. I have always had baggage with the word Feminism. I grew up in a really legalistic church setting. Women did not have that much of a voice. We weren’t a lot of to be Bible teachers or Pastors. Feminism to me was always ladies who were yelling at guys who held doors open for them. They never shave their arm pits or legs. This book showed me that women are being secretly oppressed in America and openly oppressed in other countries. Women have come to see this oppression as normal. Although this wasn’t necessarily a Christian read I would highly recommend it. It shows us that women and men are equal. It shows that we need to speak up. It points out how women are not being treated fairly in ways I have not even recognized before.


My friend and I barely got to work out this much. I also gained weight this month which is a bummer. I am ready to start losing weight. It is so difficult to get on track.


similarminds.com – I love personality tests and I think this website is more accurate than others.


Shrek the Musical (3/5)- This had some cheesy childish humor in it but I got a good laugh.

pitch perfect  (2/5) – It had some cute scenes. But overall it bored me. I don’t get what the fuss is about.


Bachelor in Paradise (3/5)- I am ashamed that I liked this show.


  • Disney world- Epcot

disney - epcot

snow white yay

  • Rainbow River

rainbow river



Most relatable for this season of my life – A letter to the one who is failing

Most Likely To Make You See Things Differently- God is NOT sad
Most likely to make you laugh:
Most likely to change the world: Lost Voices
Most inspiring: So much more than pretty
My favorite if you find this email of the month: Decline with regret
This has been a challenging month for my faith.
1. I am still trying to find a church home where I fit in.
2. I am still trying to find a missions trip to go on.
3. I am still trying ways to figure out how to really connect with God. I am struggling to feel His presence and hear from Him.
  • What is a good lipstick for women with thin lips?
  • What are some great mission trips around the world to go where I could work with children?
  • What is your favorite exotic pet?
  • What is the best place you have ever traveled?
  • What are some good hair products that will help with volume?
  • What are some great photo editing websites? (that are free)

Interesting things that happened in August:

  • I did two things on my bucket list.
  • I turned 24 on August the 16th.

Beautify Me: I bought some beauty products this month. However, I don’t really like them.

Other things I am into:
  • Instagram- Hot Dudes Reading = It seems like I am behind the times because  everyone is apparently loving this account. I guess I have an excuse because I just got an Instagram again. I must says if you read that definitely makes you way more attractive. Sadly not all girls feel this. Oh well… more hot guys reading that I can have all to myself. 😉

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