What I learned- August 2015

This where I shared what I learned each month. Some of it will be random facts I learned, some of it will be self reflection, and some will be just random other things I learned (opinions).

1. I learned that when people first meet me they will almost always associate me with Megan Fox no matter what country they are from.

2. I learned some people will walk out of your life for good without reason after being close friends for a very long time. It will hurt but you got to move on with your life and meet new people. The hardest part is when they don’t explain what happened. But sometimes life has no explanations.

3. I learned the Cinderella was Walt Disney’s favorite princess.

4. I also learned that I have finally found “my team” the people who are helping me heal. These are not personal relationships but professional ones. I have found wonderful counselor and doctors to help me. These three people mean more to me than they will ever know. They also care for me outside of their work hours and that pleasantly surprised me.

5. I learned that people in Brazil speak portuguese not spanish. ( at least that what was I told from from fellow disney travelers) πŸ™‚

6. I learned that people think I am over 30. (well most people) They also NEVER ID me when I order an adult beverage. ( and I don’t like this)

7. I learned that it was Happy Left handers day and only 10 percent of the world is left handed. I am a lefty. To bad the world does not celebrate this maybe I would of got a gift or a discount at places. haha.

6. I cannot do accents in other languages no matter how hard I try.

7. Scarlett Johansson and I have more in common than I originally thought. We are both left handed. We are both introverted and we are both really reserved. She loves disney. She dresses opposite of Paris. Β Her nickname Scarjo. We both dislike our nicknames. We are both very short.

8. The movie frozen setting was originally based in Denmark. But they made the movie based on Norway. Also the real story of frozen is not dark. Unlike the other original fairy tales.

9. I learned that people in Europe tend to view Americans as very religious. Β I feel like as a country we have fallen away from God. So I thought it was interesting Europeans think otherwise.

9 thoughts on “What I learned- August 2015

  1. Unfortunately, #2 is very true. It’s never an easy situation, of course looking back, I’m sure I’ve done it to a couple people too.

    Cinderella was always my favorite too πŸ™‚

    I’m glad you found your team of good people. It’s always a good thing to have.

    I am very surprised that Europe sees American’s as religious too, considering how many people behave, and the media itself.

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      1. I guess I should set up the follow button! Also, thank you very much. It definitely has its moments, but I think every mom feels that way.


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