My name is Megan. I am going to try to list different stuff other than what is already on my about page.

Christ Follower.

Wannabe Avid read.

I like earrings and necklaces.

I am TRYING to learn how to apply make up.

I just got my ears pierced like every 12 year old girl. (I am 24)

I have lived in Florida my whole life. I am kind of over it.

I used to hate hugs. Now I love hugs.

Cats love me. I don’t like them.

Kids love me. But thankfully I love them.

I have been on seven cruises.

I LOVE disney.

Belle is my favorite disney princess.

Most of my friends work in the mental health field.

My favorite color is black but people think pink is my color.

I like Kate Spade. Alot…

I have always struggled with weight. I hope I can conquer that soon.

I am fascinated by other cultures.

I love foreigners. Please say hi to me. I like you.

I am obsessed with everything nautical.

I am a book addict. Help me stop.

I am a friendly introvert.

I am an ISFJ.

I want to work with special needs children and horse therapy.

Wannabe world changer.

Iced Tea drinker.

I am struggling learning Spanish.

My online friends have turned into real friends. Skype is the best.


  1. Hi. Nice to meet you ! I lived in Ohio all my life and i am over that. We get to move to California in two weeks and I am looking forward to it. A new place and a new start.
    Have not been on a cruise but hopefully one day I will be able to with my hubby that will be great. Loved your post. Stopping by from the challenge. Have a great week.


    1. I am an ISFJ too. My top five are Connectedness, Empathy, Developer, INDIVIDUALIZATION ( this is the only one we got different), and Restorative. Nice to meet you. I JUST WENT TO YOUR BLOG AND TRIED TO POST THIS BUT IT WOULDN’T LET ME. ;(


  2. I’m with you in the makeup struggle. I actually went to the BareMinerals store near my parents’ house about a month ago and had them walk me through it. It was SO helpful. If there’s one of their stores by you, you should go! I’m also curious: where would you live if you moved out of FL?


  3. I tried bare minerals and they walked me through it and it was to much work. I need simple make up. I forgot how to do it in like a day. And they lie about how it feels light. I felt like a clown even when they did it. lol.. Well I REALLY want to live in Montanna. I love the country side. It looks so pretty. But I think as a young single women I need to live in the city even though I like the country way better. So maybe Boston, Massachussets or California or Oregon ( I think it is underrated. ).. Will see. 🙂


  4. I’m an introvert too!! We really SHOULD be best friends. Haha. I’ve been in Alabama my whole life and I am definitely over it. Belle is definitely one of my favorite Disney princesses too. And iced tea is the bomb!

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    1. yeah.. Don’t mean to diss Alabama and I usually don’t call God’s creation ugly. But i do not like the scenery. But I love the accents and the guys were so chivalrous when I went. I love the south. Although I think when women say Bless their heart it is facetious.


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