Sept. 6: Fashionista Blog-tember Challenge

Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid?


Leggings-  I know most of you don’t like leggings. Everyone is making fun of them these days. However, I absolutely love leggings.


 Designed Pantyhose – I don’t own a pair of these yet. I don’t know where to even get them. However, I adore the idea of wearing them. Let me know what stores I can shop at so I can get a pair.

– sheer-pattern-pantyhose-multi

Overalls- I absolutely love overalls. I am glad 90’s fashion is back. I missed them so much. They are specially great for southern girls.


Rompers- I love that you don’t don’t worry about matching the top and bottom. They also feel more comfortable than any other clothing I have worn in my life. Plus they are ridiculously cute.

long romper

Cowgirl boots: I love all things southern. I love riding horses. I like OLD country music.

cowgirl boots

Casual dresses: So this dress is actually more fancy than I am referring to. However, I had to use this image because it is so cute. I love casual dresses because they are so comfy and you don’t have to wear pants.

casual dress


Bows-  There are always exceptions to the rule. But I am definitely not a big fan of wearing big bows in your hair. Most of the time you look like a five year old girl.

big bows

Crocs: Does this even have to be a thing. If you need comfortable shoes I recommend going with chacos.


Bold lipstick: Although I have been looking for lipstick. I generally don’t like how bold lipstick looks on women.

bold lipstick

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