Dear those who are contemplating suicide, (World Suicide Prevention DAY)


Please know you are NOT alone. It helps to know you are not alone. I know it does not heal anything. I know it doesn’t change the fact that you are hopeless and engulfed by loneliness. The statistics probably make you angry. They make me angry sometimes. However, please see them as a chance to know you are not alone. Don’t see it as all these people don’t care. They probably just don’t know. I apologize if people in your life neglect you. Not everyone cares. But SOMEONES does care. We don’t need to focus on those who don’t. I  think that people don’t care about me. I have had friends who left in the middle of my depression. But someone DOES care. You matter. You have a purpose. You are loved by the God of the universe. If you don’t believe in Him just know that I love you. I care. I breathe a prayer for you. I remember you often. I think about those that are hurting. I would give you a hug if I could. I would not tell you things are going to get better. However, I would hold you in my arms while you cry. Beloved, you are so lovely. You are so worth loving. Take care of yourself.


Please watch thise video: Sunshine – Jake Miller

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