Blog-tember. Favorite Blogs.

Cara Strickland – She write so raw and beautifully. She writes about her longing for marriage and her struggles with singleness ( which I can relate too). She writes about her faith journey. She writes gently and bravely. She writes about difficult topics that people might judge her for. Like the fact she doesn’t want children. She speaks the truth. She is not afraid to stand alone.

Esther Emery – She has different views of faith then most people. I loved her when on fire post. She writes about how the evangelical christians negatively effected her opinion on God. She is a Christian now. I am so thankful for her and her words of wisdom.

Hb – I adore hannah. She writes different from anyone else. I am addicted to her words. They are like crack except for reader addicts. She is awesome. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She is brave. She is warrior. She is so loved. She can deal with hate well.

If you find this email – This was created by hb. So of course I LOVE it. Strangers write emails. They are so lovely. Each one filled with hope or heartbreak. Sometimes it is filled with the mixture of the two. Each of these people pour their heart out. If I could travel to meet these people then I would.

Addie Zierman – She rethinks evangelical terms. She talks about her churchy terms and how they negatively effected her. She is amazing. You should read it. She is still a strong believer.

She Loves Magazine – I absolutely love the relationships I formed in this community. It is way more than just a blog. I am so thankful that they have shared their heart with me. I love vulnerability.

Mud Room Blog – I just discovered this blog. I love these people already. The post are amazing. I can’t wait to keep reading. I love how they share their stories.

The Lipstick Gospel – I love her story about how she came to know Jesus. She saw a Bible verse written on the wall at college I believe with her sorority. The Bible was written with bright pink lipstick.

QUESTION: I am single and would love some blogs or book recommendations that are for singles ( especially single christians) . Please let me know your recommendation. 

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