What I learned – September 2015

On this post you will find what I learned. I will list things that are serious and silly. I just love reflecting on what I learn each month. I link up with Emily Freeman. What did you learn?

  1. I don’t like my body. However, everyone else is not as repulsed by it as I am. I know I am created in the image of God. However, I have heard so many negative things from my body from myself and others growing up it is hard. I am trying to find good things in my body little by little.

2. I learned that I should vote for Bobby Jindal. Don’t worry I am not going to vote based on some quiz. But it is interesting. It goes into more details then you would expect. I agree 89% with him. We generally agree on economics, domestic policy, social, health care, and foreign policy issues. Who did you get? Who should you vote for?

3. Floridians have accents. I did not think people growing up in Florida had accents but apparently we do. We sound KINDA southern. Yes there is a difference between us and those who live in the “Bible-belt”. They sound southern. Floridians just sound semi-southern. Floridians also talk fast.

4. The penny costs more than it is worth…

5. When you are nice to people and a little sad that you didn’t get free passes to the new Disney snow white ride you might be in luck from an employee and get some. I was SO EXCITED I almost told the guy that I would give him a kiss. Fast passes for a Floridian at disney is a BIG DEAL.

6. The Prime Minister in Australia got Impeached. Australians also have to pay a fine if they don’t vote. How do you feel about this?

7. There is a show in England called Geordie Shore it is kind of like Jersey Shore.

8. My depression comes in waves and sometimes for no reason.

9. Searching for Jobs after college is difficult.

10. Being a missionary is more difficult. It is even sadder that a lot of churches won’t support missionaries.

11. Finding a weight loss supplement that doesn’t have caffeine for you is difficult. I need fat burner boots. I have so much anxiety that it is difficult for me to lose belly fat.

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