What I am into – October 2015

What I'm Into


October 2015

Around the Web: 

  1. How Do You Grieve a Friendship When You Never Wanted to Let It Die?
  2. Being rejected is most likely a good thing.
  3. Making the most out of a bad situation
  4. Another way to build community at church
  5. Kindness
  6. Sometimes we need to choose the uncomfortable
  7. Never the Bride
  8. Modern Day Parables

Around the Town:

  1. We got Free drinks and I got to wear my first Halloween costume. Surprisingly most people didn’t know who I was. I can’t believe most people have only watched mean girls like once.

school girl and regina

2. I went to a SCREAM carnival for Halloween.

3. I went to the Southern Women’s Show and 95 percent of it had nothing to do with southern women but it was fun.


kristen and me

What I’ve been reading: 

I Am a Church Member by RainerI loved this book. I always complain about church. I do everything this book says it is wrong to do. I never think of the Church as a gift to us. We are to serve God and others. God speaks a lot about the local church. I also learned we need to pray for our pastors. The enemy is out to get them. We need to pray for their protection. This book has a lot of wisdom and it sure does remind me that I can be very selfish. The church can change starting with me. The church is not about my needs being met it is about preaching the Gospel to others 

OutofSortsBook by Sarah Bessey  – I LOVED this book. Sarah lets us know we do NOT have our faith figured out. It is okay if we are wrong about God because even the people in the Bible were often wrong about God. It is important to be known as the ones who love. If you are having difficulties with your faith this is the perfect book for you. Sarah wants you so badly to fall in love with Jesus again. God is the same God throughout the New and Old testament. Jesus just gives us a new perspective. This is what Sarah Bessey writes. We need all denominations and all different views of different scriptures in  the Bible. She encourages us to forgive people who have used Scripture to abuse us. I know I needed that. I love the way Sarah follows and loves Jesus.  We all stumble throughout our faith journey. Give people grace. Give yourself grace. Love God, Love others, and Love yourself. P.S. She is the best prayer. Read her prayer at the end.

 What I’ve been watching: 

Television– Once Upon a Time, Are you the One, and Nine lives of Chloe King.


  1. The Kingsmen (2/5) – it was full of action and some of it was cute and funny. But it is not my cup of tea.
  2. Tomorrow Land (3/5)- I love disney. So the movie was cute. However, it was really confusing.

Beautify Me:

Kat Von D lipstick: Lolita



I have tried some healthy recipes this month. I have been over eating because of emotional issues. I didn’t work out this month. I didn’t go the gym.

Churchy Things:

I tried going back to Church this month ( meaning one time). My last experience at this church was good.  It took every effort for me to go since I am going through a lot and my Church baggage doesn’t help. It is a little to evangelical for me. It is pretty big church. Plus there are tons of lights and tons of stories. I heard just a little more than I wanted about getting Plugged in. They put in the college group and I am out of college now. They don’t seem to know what to do the singles.The Worship was a little to much for someone who has been burnt by the church one time to many.  However, I can’t escape the evangelical church. I love somethings and other things bother me. I am at lost to do. Next sunday I don’t know if I will go back to Church and I am oddly okay with that… for now.


Blown Off

Other Things I’ve Been Into:

  1. Group Therapy
  2. Over Eaters Anonymous
  3.  Key Chain Bibles – these are such a cute little gift. It always helps remind you of God wherever you go. I wish I could find more of these for cheap. If anyone knows let me know

key chain Bible

4. I got my make up professionally done.


What I learned in October 2015

This where I share what I learned. I share light hearted stuff and deep stuff.

1.I learned Kat Von D has a wonderful makeup line. This surprised me because I generally don’t like her make up or her style. Her make up can only be bought at Sephora. He lipstick called Lolita always sells out.

2. School Shootings and Massive Shootings will ALWAYS surprise me and sadden me. There was another one in Oregon. I also relearned that we often forget to pray for the families after the tragedy is over. We also don’t try to stop it from happening again.

3. After tyding up my closet I learned that  I have way more dresses than I have shirts. This needs to change.

4.In 2015, a debate team from New York’s Eastern Correctional Facility—a prison—beat the national debate championship team from Harvard.

5. There is a program called Overeaters Anonymous and it is related to Alcoholics Anonymous .

6. Not everyone loves Mean Girls as much as me. A lot of people do not even remember it. However, some loved the Fact that I dressed like up like Regina George for Halloween. They knew who  I was right away.

7.  I have Agoraphobia.

8. Agoraphobia  – a condition in which a person avoids a number of otherwise ordinary activities and places, including some that the person used to enjoy before the trouble started.

A lesson I learned on how to love your neighbor.

I always thought loving your neighbor had to be very dramatic. I thought you had to give them everything. But I learned lately that everything doesn’t always require something so dramatic. I know in the Bible God talks about miracles and giving everything to the poor. Don’t get me wrong God is always right. We should obey Him. However, I don’t think loving your neighbor has to be drastic. When the workers came to our house the other day my mom asked if they wanted to go fishing. The next time they actually brought their fishing poles and they fished. We talked for a while and shared stories. I got to know him and he got to know us.  Our neighbors invited us to dinner one time. We got to know each other. Another time we invited our other neighbors and kids to go out on their boat. They went tubing and swam in the river. They had a wonderful time. They started going to our Church.  When we do acts of kindness and invite people into our lives I am pretty sure this makes God smile. I am pretty sure we are showing them an example of Christ in this cruel world. Maybe this is how we love our neighbor.

October Goals

  1. Lose Weight- I really want to lose weight this month. I have gained so much. This happens when I am depressed.
  2. Go to Halloween events.
  3. FINALLY start listening to podcasts. 🙂
  4. Where a Halloween at least ONE time in October.
  5. Go to the gym consistently- My doctor says I need to get up and move. He says it will help my depression.
  6. Pray more-
  7. Have quiet time with God more-
  8. Light a candle when I pray and/or do devotionals
  9. Journal what I eat.
  10. Change my thinking- Be more positive. Say affirming things to myself.
  11. Start learning spanish again – I have gave up on Spanish a long time ago when I got a D in Spanish four. However, I am ready to tackle it again.
  12. Start going to church more often- I isolate myself more often when I am depressed. I need to go to church. It refreshes my soul.
  13. Go on a date or a few dates this month.
  14. Try Oil Pulling
  15. Do SOMETHING from Pinterest.