October Goals

  1. Lose Weight- I really want to lose weight this month. I have gained so much. This happens when I am depressed.
  2. Go to Halloween events.
  3. FINALLY start listening to podcasts. šŸ™‚
  4. Where a Halloween at least ONE time in October.
  5. Go to the gym consistently- My doctor says I need to get up and move. He says it will help my depression.
  6. Pray more-
  7. Have quiet time with God more-
  8. Light a candle when I pray and/or do devotionals
  9. Journal what I eat.
  10. Change my thinking- Be more positive. Say affirming things to myself.
  11. Start learning spanish again – I have gave up on Spanish a long time ago when I got a D in Spanish four. However, I am ready to tackle it again.
  12. Start going to church more often- I isolate myself more often when I am depressed. I need to go to church. It refreshes my soul.
  13. Go on a date or a few dates this month.
  14. Try Oil Pulling
  15. Do SOMETHING from Pinterest.

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