A lesson I learned on how to love your neighbor.

I always thought loving your neighbor had to be very dramatic. I thought you had to give them everything. But I learned lately that everything doesn’t always require something so dramatic. I know in the Bible God talks about miracles and giving everything to the poor. Don’t get me wrong God is always right. We should obey Him. However, I don’t think loving your neighbor has to be drastic. When the workers came to our house the other day my mom asked if they wanted to go fishing. The next time they actually brought their fishing poles and they fished. We talked for a while and shared stories. I got to know him and he got to know us.  Our neighbors invited us to dinner one time. We got to know each other. Another time we invited our other neighbors and kids to go out on their boat. They went tubing and swam in the river. They had a wonderful time. They started going to our Church.  When we do acts of kindness and invite people into our lives I am pretty sure this makes God smile. I am pretty sure we are showing them an example of Christ in this cruel world. Maybe this is how we love our neighbor.

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