What I learned in October 2015

This where I share what I learned. I share light hearted stuff and deep stuff.

1.I learned Kat Von D has a wonderful makeup line. This surprised me because I generally don’t like her make up or her style. Her make up can only be bought at Sephora. He lipstick called Lolita always sells out.

2. School Shootings and Massive Shootings will ALWAYS surprise me and sadden me. There was another one in Oregon. I also relearned that we often forget to pray for the families after the tragedy is over. We also don’t try to stop it from happening again.

3. After tyding up my closet I learned that  I have way more dresses than I have shirts. This needs to change.

4.In 2015, a debate team from New York’s Eastern Correctional Facility—a prison—beat the national debate championship team from Harvard.

5. There is a program called Overeaters Anonymous and it is related to Alcoholics Anonymous .

6. Not everyone loves Mean Girls as much as me. A lot of people do not even remember it. However, some loved the Fact that I dressed like up like Regina George for Halloween. They knew who  I was right away.

7.  I have Agoraphobia.

8. Agoraphobia  – a condition in which a person avoids a number of otherwise ordinary activities and places, including some that the person used to enjoy before the trouble started.

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