Lesser Known Bible Women Part I

I wanted to write those post for awhile. I love to read and study scripture but sometimes I don’t notice the lesser known women in the Bible. This is probably because they are most likely only mentioned once or twice in Scripture. When  I was reading through  the book of Acts I came across Tabitha. The one verse about her really stood out to me. “There was a believer in Joppa named Tabitha (which in Greek is Dorcas). She was always doing kind things for others and helping the poor.” – Acts 9:36. I could relate to her. It made me feel like God loved me for doing the little things. Now I want to read about the other lesser known women in Scripture.

Lois- She was the grandmother of Timothy. Her name means “agreeable” or “desirable”. In Timothy 1:5 she is recognized for her sincere faith. She lived in Lystra. The people in Lystra mainly worshiped the gods of Greece.  However, she faithfully past down her faith to the next generation like she was supposed to do.

Eunice- This was the mother of Timothy. Eunice’s name means conquering well. It refers to having a good or happy victory. She also lived up to her name. She was victorious by raising a follower of Christ in an immoral society.

Abigail- She can be found in 1 Samuel 25. She was “an intelligent and beautiful woman”.  She spoke with discretion. She was married to a wealthy but an unkind man named Nabal. Nabal was rude to David for no good reason. Abigail was brave because she had to go apologize for what Nabal did. God speared Abigail from Nabals wrath and she ended up marrying David.

Anna- She can be found in Luke 2:36–38. After her husband passed away Anna could of chose to remarry and have more children. However, she decided to remain single. She devoted all of her time sharing the gospel and she worshipped God with fasting a prayer.

One thought on “Lesser Known Bible Women Part I

  1. So often we glance these women and speed pass them while reading the Bible. But they were real, and they were deemed worthy to be mentioned. There is so much to learn about life and faith from them. Thank you for the reminder!


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