What I learned- December.

  1.  I really don’t like Adele’s music.

2. Siri can name a song for you on the radio. Just put your phone near the radio and tell her to “name that tune”.

3. You can call Hope Care Center number, 1-800-488-HOPE (4673) if you need someone to talk to. You will receive Biblical help. It is part of June Hunt’s Ministry.

4. Arkansas is apparently known as a good place to goose hunt.

5. Addie Zierman responded to my question about Singleness and Church

What I am into- December

What I'm Into


Avatar – 3/5

Paper Towns- 4/5

Pan- 4/5

Madagascar – 3/5



My Favorite Post:

Addie Zierman responded to my question about  being Lonely at church .

Posts I loved:


Websites I adored:

Glitter for your enemies. – You can actually buy and then anonymously send glitter to your enemies.

Pixabay– a great photo editing website where you can put quotes on back grounds.

Literary Starbucks – this website tells you what kind of coffee our favorite characters would order.

google things for other people – you can google things for other people and then send them the link.

Around Town:

  • I went to an Ugly  Sweater Christmas party.


What I learned in November

  1. I have spine problems and they are pretty severe.

spine problems

2. A lot of people loved Cinderella and Maleficent. Therefore Walt Disney Pictures is deciding to make more live-action remakes. The list so far is: Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, Fantasia, and The Sword in the Stone. I love Beauty and the Beast so I am looking forward to that one. I also hope they eventually do one for Snow White, and Ariel.

3.  When you take a group selfie it is called a wezie.

4. Hillsong is making a movie.

5. Miami is the only major American city founded by a woman.

6. I am an emotional eater.

7. Ciao means hello in italian

8. One of the greeters at Church looks like Mindy Kaling.

9. Diets are really difficult for me. It makes understand people recovering from other addictions don’t have it easy.

10. Retail is a difficult job to work in.

11. My friends really do care for me even though they can never talk.





What I am into – November 2015

What I'm Into

My Posts:

I wrote about my Faith Journey. I did a guest post over at Abby Norman’s about the Kingdom of God showing up in the mundane.

Posts I loved:

Most Shocking- Quotes you are probably misquoting

Most Interesting- Why we all are like Taylor Swift

Most likely to make you see there is still good in this world – Made my heat melt

Most though provoking- Faith and France

Most likely to help you still see the Beauty in this world: Ordinary Work

Useful Finds:

What I have been watching

. Vacation (2/5)- It was dorky but cute.

Other Things I am Into:

  •  REI shut down for black friday to encourage people to go outside
  • I was Minnie Mouse for Halloween
  • minnie 2