“The fruit of genuine faith is genuine praise. “

I saw that quote today. It immediately spoke to me. We need to praise God  that He sent His only Son to die on the cross for us. We need to thank God His everlasting love. We need to thank him for the blessings He give us. Give Him thanks for your family. Give thanks for your friends. Give thanks that you met a stranger who kindly opened the door for you. Thank God for the Church. Thank God you are alive another day. That you  are so thankful that you will spend it serving Him. It is hard to give thanks. There is so much negative things that happen in this world. For instance when you turn on the news. But we have to focus on the UNSEEN. We have to be His kingdom on earth. His love out numbers all the horrible things. Did you hear that? He love surpasses everything. I encourage you to give Him thanks a lot today. Breathe thanks the entire day.