What I Learned – May

  1. Getting involved in a church as a single women is scary but it is not impossible.
  2. Going on a roller coaster by yourself is a good way to meet people. (usually other people who are by themselves because their family is scared to ride)
  3. Most yellow cheese is naturally white. They just dye it yellow.
  4. I do better in one on one interviews then with multiple people.
  5. Aloe really does help a sun burn.
  6. I love themed 5ks.
  7. People will constantly comment on the fact that you have a sunburn.
  8. Customers appreciate me more than other employees because I am attentive.
  9. You don’t get many messages on paid dating sites so you might as well do the free ones.
  10. A lady at work could tell I had a problem with my back. She says it is because she used to be a nurse.

3 thoughts on “What I Learned – May

  1. Love your list! I just learned that cheese fact last month; it fascinated me! And I agree with you about getting involved in church as a single woman. I was single for 34 years, and church was hands down the hardest place for me to go. I know it doesn’t affect everyone that way, but I struggled big time with it!


  2. I agree that one on one interviews are easier. When we were going through our last transition, I often found myself sitting in on my husband’s interviews. For mine, I preferred being alone. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  3. I like your list, Meg! I love how concise it is; I could learn from you; sometimes I’m too “wordy”!

    Good for you for getting involved in your church, even though it’s challenging. I’ll bet the rewards will outweigh the sacrifice. I’ve also had people comment on how patient or kind I was at work; sadly, it should be the norm, but it is not. You’re shining your light at work in that way!

    So nice to “meet” you!


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