What I Learned Lately (2016)

  •  Zebras aren’t domesticated because they are too mean.
  • Florida is the only state that manatees are in.
  • God does answer your prayers. It just might come in a way you didn’t expect.
  • I don’t  understand why people  decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.
  • Good things happen. Bad things happen. You just have to look closely for the good.
  • Good things can come out of bad situations.

God does answer your prayers.

For the longest time I wanted a christian mentor. I expected my mentor to be some christian lady from church. However, that never happened. So I stopped asking for a mentor. I gave up hope on finding one. Then tonight I realized maybe I have been getting mentors. They just didn’t come in the form I thought they would. Over a year ago. I got the first counselor that has ever worked for me ( i have been in counseling since i was a little girl). I finally found someone who “gets me”.  My counselor is a christian too. Even though we don’t talk about God much I think his wisdom is from God. I also had one of my favorite authors answer two of my questions about faith. One of my questions was about being lonely at church. The other one was how can I recover from legalism. Maybe this too is part of me getting mentored. Finally, me and my friend just started a Bible study. We are going through the book of Genesis. He has been reading to me and explaining the verses to me. I think this is mentoring too. There is so many ways I have been getting mentored. I need to praise God for that. I have spent to long being hard hearted because I didn’t think God was listening to me.

Comfort Zones/Church Hunting

I have been thinking about going to church. I do volunteer in the church nursery. However, I haven’t been in a really long time to a service. I don’t like the cliques that seem to happen at church. I don’t like the fake introductions. I don’t like to be a new person in a place.  I get anxious when I go to church alone. This morning I got my monday morning email from Hannah and it was just what I needed to hear. It was about getting out of your comfort zones.  It is very easy to isolate yourself. I do it often. Instead of doing something that will be great for me I avoid it. My counselor calls it avoidance coping and says it doesn’t get you anywhere. If you run from experience you won’t be able to move forward. You will always be stuck in the same place. With all that said I am going try different church. I am going to try not run away when it gets awkward and uncfortamble. I am going to try not to give up if people don’t like me. I am probably going to write about my experiences . Thanks for being on this Journey with me.