God does answer your prayers.

For the longest time I wanted a christian mentor. I expected my mentor to be some christian lady from church. However, that never happened. So I stopped asking for a mentor. I gave up hope on finding one. Then tonight I realized maybe I have been getting mentors. They just didn’t come in the form I thought they would. Over a year ago. I got the first counselor that has ever worked for me ( i have been in counseling since i was a little girl). I finally found someone who “gets me”.  My counselor is a christian too. Even though we don’t talk about God much I think his wisdom is from God. I also had one of my favorite authors answer two of my questions about faith. One of my questions was about being lonely at church. The other one was how can I recover from legalism. Maybe this too is part of me getting mentored. Finally, me and my friend just started a Bible study. We are going through the book of Genesis. He has been reading to me and explaining the verses to me. I think this is mentoring too. There is so many ways I have been getting mentored. I need to praise God for that. I have spent to long being hard hearted because I didn’t think God was listening to me.

10 thoughts on “God does answer your prayers.

  1. sometimes we don’t see what is right there in front of us. Yes. We do receive mentoring from many. Glad that you have realized this. God bless you as He brings good Christians into your life!


      1. I actually don’t remember what I was looking for because I gave up on that hope a long time ago. One thing is someone who just knew the Bible well. Someone who could answer my questions for me. And someone I could always go to when times were tough just to talk to.

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      2. Ok. Well I could do that when you need it. I am a pastor’s wife. Attended Christian college. I’m not a licensed counselor, but I have Biblical knowledge and I have two ears for listening. Friend me on facebook. Mandy Farmer


      3. Your name is not coming up when I search. Try this. Find my fan page Leaving a Legacy. Then you should be able to find me there. Or search Mandy Dawson which is my maiden name.


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