Reaching out to Christians.

I am finally going to a new church and I am getting connected. They had a Christmas party today and I felt like I belonged. The church only has a couple of family’s and they want to go. He was talking about reaching out to people. However, he was mainly focused on reaching out to Christians. I was pleasantly surprise. He wants to find people that haven’t been to church in 10 years because they got hurt. He wants to find Christians who are losing their faith.  He gave other kinds of examples too. Oh how I wish I could remember them all because it really touched my heart. He has already reached out to me to be the childrens minister. He said the holy spirit told him to reach out to me. He doesn’t know that I have been a cynic when it comes to all things churchy. He doesn’t know that I have stopped going to church because never i was included. I usually got ignored or made fun of at church. Church was almost never been a good experience for me. I have always prayed to God for a church family. To be honest I HAVE NEVER have heard a pastor who wants to go out and find CHRISTIANS. The ones that have been lonely, the outsiders , the neglected, and abused. I think post pastors (unintentionally) forget about those Christians. I reccomend that your read this blog post called How To Love the Cynics by addie zierman. Please never forget that christians need people to reach out to them too.

2 thoughts on “Reaching out to Christians.

  1. This is awesome. So many times these types of people are left to their own devices. So glad that this pastor has a heart for them. There are a lot of people like this out there.


  2. heading off to a new church can be a daunting task. you’ve made it look like a beautiful welcome. i am so happy for you! blessed indeed!

    advent joys to you on this very brisk afternoon …


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