What I am Into – January 2019


  • Spurgeon’s Sorrows: Realistic Hope for those who Suffer from Depression (1/5) – This was such a confusing book to read. The only part i liked was how it explained that there were people in the Bible who wanted to die ( were depressed). Elijah is one example and I am going to go read about it in the Bible since I never heard the story.
  • Remember God by Annie F. Downs (2/5) –It wasn’t that great. I couldn’t really see how it linked to God half the time. I did like the end though when she confesses that life is still not good. The guy she was dating ended things. In the amidst of all what was going on she still remembered God is kind.
  • Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe Is Coming Apart by Kathy Escobar (3/5) – This book gives some various ideas on what to do when your faith unravels. It gives a lot of spiritual practices you could use. I found it very informative and helpful.



  • Kissing Booth (5/5)- This is a movie about a girl who falls in love with her BFF brother. The problem is they made rules that are against dating each others family members. Super cute movie.
  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (4/5)-  This movie is about a girl whose little sister sends out love letters she wrote to boys she had crushes on. She ends up fake dating one of the boys she wrote a letter too. They end up actually falling in love. This movie really was boring and dragged on at the beginning. By the end it was super intriguing.
  • Christian Mingle The Movie (5/5): A cute movie about an atheist girl going on christian mingle trying to find a great guy. She ends up finding Jesus and becoming a missionary in Mexico ( she also eventually gets the guy too).
  • Sierra Burgess is a Loser (5/5) – A girl cat fishes a guy pretending to be a “hot and popular girl”. He figures out that is a lie and still loves her anyways.


One thought on “What I am Into – January 2019

  1. IF you aren’t used to that “old English” Charles Spurgeon’s work can be difficult. He suffered greatly from depression himself so I’m sure he was wise in that area.
    I am reading Susannah Spurgeon’s Carillon of Bells devotions. They are good but again the Old English can slow you down and get you mixed up sometimes.


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