In Remembrance Of Rachel Held Evans

Dear Rachel,

You died recently. We had different views on Christian ethics. You were LGBTQ affirming in the church. You were egalitarian. You were a Democrat.  You disagreed  with and had somewhat resentment towards your evangelical upbringing. Despite our different views I always admired you. You taught me things about the Bible that I had never grasped before. You gave me new outlooks to certain bible passages ( like the proverbs 31 woman). I strangely miss your presence and voice even though I never have met you.  You were always for radical inclusion. You taught me that I can learn from people of different faiths and people with different points of view. You challenged me in ways that I will never be able to fully comprehend. Your words were balm for me during difficult times. You are unforgettable and my heart hurts to see you leave this earth so soon. It is amazing how someone that I have never met in person had such an impact on me.

Love, Megan

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