Foster Care and Adoption Resources

All this information is not necessarily just about foster  care and adoption. There are resources on at risk students and other things. I wanted to put this information out there ASAP but I will continue to add information on my What I am Into posts each month.


  • Another Place At The Table by Kathy Harrison (5/5) – Kathy has fostered over 100 kids. She has fostered abandoned babies, runaway teens, preschoolers in wheelchairs, and ten-year-old girls just discharged from psychiatric hospitals. She shares how each foster kid has negative and positively impacted their family. One of her fostered children molested another kid in her family. She fostered one baby who had burns all over their body. This is the sad and the beauty of foster care. She had to humbly admit she can’t give every foster kid a permanent home.


    Paper Tigers (5/5) – This is a documentary that follows a high school who helps at risk students. The school also is the first in their State to open a free healthy clinic for counseling. A guy says ” Behavior isn’t the kid. Behavior is about what is going on in their life.” Since implementing  its trauma-sensitive approach statistically the students have been significantly more successful.

  • Short Term 12  (5/5) – Grace a twenty-something staff member at a foster care facility as she reckons with caring for the teens in her charge and her own past. This is also about the group home she is in charge of. It shows what foster kids have been and are going through. It is extremely graphic and a lot of cursing. But it is worth to watch if you are an adult. 
  • Removed (5/5) – This shows the journey what it is like to be in the foster care system. It shows things like abusive parents ( birth and foster). It shows how it feels for siblings to be split up. You also get to see what it is like bouncing around to different homes.


Instagram Accounts:

  • Hallie Graves – a single foster mom who is always talking about the foster system.
  • Bethany Anne – she has adopted 2 out of 3 kids she has foster. She talks all about her journey.

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