Singleness & Christianity

The church often tells parents to pray for their future children. Parents always talk to their children about their future marriage. Unfortunately, while that is great we aren’t guaranteed marriage. I just read an article recently said that their are way more religious women than men even though their are slightly more men than women in the world. How crazy is that? The article also said “maybe God want’s/loves single women.” I am not saying we can’t pray for our children’s future spouse. But I think we should focus on guiding and teaching youth and women towards learning to be independent.  Because of all the marriage talk when we are younger. This leads to a great disappointment in life when we are still single in our 30’s and 40’s. We feel that we have missed the mark. Also I think the church needs to improve on including singles. Most programs are for children and youth ministry. Single women often our ask to serve and do these things because they supposably have more time than married people. Then we get burned out. Of course we should serve but we also should be served and included in community. I love that famous author Tim Keller’s church is made of 80 % of singles. Also I think 40 % of of people in the USA are single in the USA. We need to do outreaches for singles just like we do it for minorities. Try to reach out singles. Invite them over for holidays if they don’t have family in town and love them well.

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