What I am Into – February 2019



  • I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life by Anne Bogel (4/5) – I loved this book which discusses what a book nerd’s life is like.
  • Nourished: A Memoir of Food, Faith & Enduring Love by Lia, Huber (4/5) – This book was supposedly about food but I felt it focused more on her personal life. This book discusses how she became a christian, her struggle with fibromyalgia, her travels, and the process she went through to adopt her daughter. This was such an amazing spiritual memoir.





  • Kells Korners Singles – She is setting up single christians via Instagram. How cool is that? Apparently she has done this through her blog for a few years. There has been 13 marriages that came out of it. She has such a pure heart.




What I am Into – January 2019


  • Spurgeon’s Sorrows: Realistic Hope for those who Suffer from Depression (1/5) – This was such a confusing book to read. The only part i liked was how it explained that there were people in the Bible who wanted to die ( were depressed). Elijah is one example and I am going to go read about it in the Bible since I never heard the story.
  • Remember God by Annie F. Downs (2/5) –It wasn’t that great. I couldn’t really see how it linked to God half the time. I did like the end though when she confesses that life is still not good. The guy she was dating ended things. In the amidst of all what was going on she still remembered God is kind.
  • Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe Is Coming Apart by Kathy Escobar (3/5) – This book gives some various ideas on what to do when your faith unravels. It gives a lot of spiritual practices you could use. I found it very informative and helpful.



  • Kissing Booth (5/5)- This is a movie about a girl who falls in love with her BFF brother. The problem is they made rules that are against dating each others family members. Super cute movie.
  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (4/5)-  This movie is about a girl whose little sister sends out love letters she wrote to boys she had crushes on. She ends up fake dating one of the boys she wrote a letter too. They end up actually falling in love. This movie really was boring and dragged on at the beginning. By the end it was super intriguing.
  • Christian Mingle The Movie (5/5): A cute movie about an atheist girl going on christian mingle trying to find a great guy. She ends up finding Jesus and becoming a missionary in Mexico ( she also eventually gets the guy too).
  • Sierra Burgess is a Loser (5/5) – A girl cat fishes a guy pretending to be a “hot and popular girl”. He figures out that is a lie and still loves her anyways.


What I Have Read Lately

  • The Broken Way: A Daring Path into the Abundant Life by Ann Voskamp (4/5) – This is a wonderful book about how we should be more vulnerable with others. The church should go where the suffering is because that is what Jesus did.


  • Lovely: How I Learned to Embrace the Body God Gave Me by Amanda Beck (3/5) –What a wonderful book. I didn’t agree with everything in this book. I do think exercising and eating healthy are very important for us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. However, It made me look at some things differently. I also learned there are fun ways we can do exercise instead of dreading the going to the gym routine. It also taught me a few things about Catholicism.


  • Well: Healing Our Beautiful, Broken World from a Hospital in West Africa by Sarah Thebarge  (5/5) – I loved Sarah’s first book. This one is just as a good. It is about her time in medical missions where the world’s unhappiest people live (togo). I can’t imagine all the suffering she had to endure and witness. At the end of the book she also taught that we can do important missionary stuff on american soil. We can love the refugee in the USA or even our neighbor. Sarah also taught me that we have to do and say everything with love.

When It Always Feels Like Advent

Advent= is a season observed in many Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for both the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas and the return of Jesus at the Second Coming.

I have always loved to focus on Advent right before Christmas. Especially when I find a good devotional book for that year. However, I have always focused on observing advent as a time of waiting for  the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. That is when I get confused on why I still feel the emptiness and longing for God in my heart after Christmas is over. I have just realized advent is also about waiting and preparing for the return of Jesus at the Second Coming. There will always be a part of me that aches for God until His return. It is okay for me to continually feel the longing for God as soon as Christmas passes. There will still be times that I will not feel God’s presence. That is the beauty of our hope and faith in God. Feeling His absence is what causes us to seek Him out. Also we should know that He is never really absent. We can’t rely on our feelings and emotions. This year I will continue to reflect on the advent season all year long. I will do this order to focus and have hope for His Second Coming.


What I am Into – November 2018


Daring to Hope: Finding God’s Goodness in the Broken and the Beautiful by Katie Davis (5/5) – This is a wonderful book about a full time missionary in Uganda. She shares a lot of tragedies she has walked through in life. There have been a lot of deaths in her life and yet she still has hope.


https://www.churchclarity.org –  This website tells you which churches are non affirming and affirming for the LGBT community and for allowing women to be in ministry. The only downside to this website the churches aren’t categorized by state.


  • Party for One by Carly Rae Jepsen



  • I dyed my hair for the first time in my life at age 27.

Red Hair

  •  We Adopted a Rescued Greyhound Racer Named Monica. She is sweet, huggable, but skittish because she was used to living in her kennel all night.

What I am Into – October 2018

 I notice Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature. -Friedrich Nietzsche



I actually am ashamed to say I didn’t finish any books this month. Let’s hope november will be better.


  •  Head Above Water by Avril Lavigne (5/5) – She usually sings secular music but this song points to God. It is about her journey through lyme disease. I think this song can help all of us in our times of struggle.


  • My Strength- Israel & New Breed (5/5) – This is not normally the type of worship song I would listen to but we sing it at church and I fell in love with it.




  • Little Italy  (5/5) – This is a super cute chick flick about two adult children falling in love. They are from two different families who are in rivalry against each other.




  • I went to the She found joy tour. It was about living a courageous faith. This is What I Learned. 

Subscription Boxes:

I got a coupon so even though I didn’t care for the first box I ordered again. I LOVED second box.

October 2018 SinglesSwag

  • Violet Harper Silver Knot Bangle (5/5)  – I don’t think it is worth 78 dollars but it super cute so I am definitely going to wear it.
  • Jules Kae Copper Pouch (4/5) – I don’t think the product is worth what it cost (65 dollars). However,  it is a pretty color and I will use it when I need another make up bag.
  • Nelson J Moisturize Healing Mask (4/5) – Even though I am not 100 percent if it is working yet. I have high hopes for this product.
  • Seraphine Botanicals Apple + Mint Lip Polish (5/5) – This is meant to get all the dry skin off your lips. I love it because it makes my lips so smooth. I think it is a lot better than chap stick.
  • PreHeels – This product is spray  is supposed to keep your heels from rubbing with any shoe.
  • Byrd’s Toasted Pumpkin Cookies (1/5) – I didn’t like last months snack and I don’t like this months snack. It was VERY disgusting.
  • NCLA Compact Mirror (1/5) – I never can see my whole face in compact mirrors so I don’t really see a use for them.

On My Blog:

Thoughts about the Phrase “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin”

The phrase “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” gives me all the feels. It brings me back to evangelical world during my teen years.

1.Have you ever used this phrase with others? What was the outcome?

Yes, I have used the phrase with others. Honestly, I became more bitter and hateful towards people. I couldn’t seem to separate the sin from the sinner.

2. How would you define “sin” today? How did you define it earlier in your life?

If I remember correctly my former christian counselor described sin as a misguided intention. This softened my heart. This didn’t cause me to condone sin. But this definition helped me not to be so harsh toward others who sinned.

3. Is it possible to love a person and hate their sin?

I think it is possible to be deeply saddened by the choices of the world. You still lift people up in prayer and have compassion on them.