What I am into – October 2015

What I'm Into


October 2015

Around the Web: 

  1. How Do You Grieve a Friendship When You Never Wanted to Let It Die?
  2. Being rejected is most likely a good thing.
  3. Making the most out of a bad situation
  4. Another way to build community at church
  5. Kindness
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  7. Never the Bride
  8. Modern Day Parables

Around the Town:

  1. We got Free drinks and I got to wear my first Halloween costume. Surprisingly most people didn’t know who I was. I can’t believe most people have only watched mean girls like once.

school girl and regina

2. I went to a SCREAM carnival for Halloween.

3. I went to the Southern Women’s Show and 95 percent of it had nothing to do with southern women but it was fun.


kristen and me

What I’ve been reading: 

I Am a Church Member by RainerI loved this book. I always complain about church. I do everything this book says it is wrong to do. I never think of the Church as a gift to us. We are to serve God and others. God speaks a lot about the local church. I also learned we need to pray for our pastors. The enemy is out to get them. We need to pray for their protection. This book has a lot of wisdom and it sure does remind me that I can be very selfish. The church can change starting with me. The church is not about my needs being met it is about preaching the Gospel to others 

OutofSortsBook by Sarah Bessey  – I LOVED this book. Sarah lets us know we do NOT have our faith figured out. It is okay if we are wrong about God because even the people in the Bible were often wrong about God. It is important to be known as the ones who love. If you are having difficulties with your faith this is the perfect book for you. Sarah wants you so badly to fall in love with Jesus again. God is the same God throughout the New and Old testament. Jesus just gives us a new perspective. This is what Sarah Bessey writes. We need all denominations and all different views of different scriptures in  the Bible. She encourages us to forgive people who have used Scripture to abuse us. I know I needed that. I love the way Sarah follows and loves Jesus.  We all stumble throughout our faith journey. Give people grace. Give yourself grace. Love God, Love others, and Love yourself. P.S. She is the best prayer. Read her prayer at the end.

 What I’ve been watching: 

Television– Once Upon a Time, Are you the One, and Nine lives of Chloe King.


  1. The Kingsmen (2/5) – it was full of action and some of it was cute and funny. But it is not my cup of tea.
  2. Tomorrow Land (3/5)- I love disney. So the movie was cute. However, it was really confusing.

Beautify Me:

Kat Von D lipstick: Lolita



I have tried some healthy recipes this month. I have been over eating because of emotional issues. I didn’t work out this month. I didn’t go the gym.

Churchy Things:

I tried going back to Church this month ( meaning one time). My last experience at this church was good.  It took every effort for me to go since I am going through a lot and my Church baggage doesn’t help. It is a little to evangelical for me. It is pretty big church. Plus there are tons of lights and tons of stories. I heard just a little more than I wanted about getting Plugged in. They put in the college group and I am out of college now. They don’t seem to know what to do the singles.The Worship was a little to much for someone who has been burnt by the church one time to many.  However, I can’t escape the evangelical church. I love somethings and other things bother me. I am at lost to do. Next sunday I don’t know if I will go back to Church and I am oddly okay with that… for now.


Blown Off

Other Things I’ve Been Into:

  1. Group Therapy
  2. Over Eaters Anonymous
  3.  Key Chain Bibles – these are such a cute little gift. It always helps remind you of God wherever you go. I wish I could find more of these for cheap. If anyone knows let me know

key chain Bible

4. I got my make up professionally done.



What I am into – September 2015

Weight Loss/Fitness/Healthy Eating : I am still not losing weight. I really need to get motivated and work the get these 40 pounds off.


St. Augustine- It was St. Augustines 450th birthday. So i got to do touristy things in my own city that I would normally not be able to do. It was free this month. 🙂


Magic Kingdom – I went to disney world. This time we went to Magic Kingdom. I didn’t get to see all the new things. However, I did go on the new snow white roller coaster and the new ariel ride. I hope to walk around the new Belle town next time. I want to tour Cinderella’s castle. I also want to go to the fairytale garden.

Book Nerd: 

 If you feel too much – I have always been the one among my friends as “the sensitive one”. I cry over everything. Whether a beautiful or sad moment you will see me bawling my eyes out.  I am so thankful I am like this now. However, I need to make sure my emotions don’t consume me. This book is a reminder of that. I HIGHLY recommend it. If you feel too much you are not alone.

Music: I have finally ventured out to listen to some new music. Those are my favorite ones that I discovered this month. Which ones have you heard? Any recommendations?

September 2015 – Music

September 2015 – Worship Music

Useful finds:

The Skimm – It gives you the news in a short email ( daily). I recommend it to all of you people who does not like to watch the news.

Posts I Loved: 

For the ones who are stuck: You’re Never Going to Be Fully Ready

For the ones who struggle to read the Bible: How to read the Bible everyday

For the ones who want to understand young adults: Millennials and Church

For the ones who are worn out: Rest As Transformation

For the ones who want to have better days: Never having a bad day

For the ones who were  Goody Two-Shoes growing up: Former Goody Two-Shoes

For marrieds who want to understand singles: Understanding Singles

For the ones who need rethink what sins are “okay” : Biblical Literalist

For the ones who need encouragement: Keep Going. It will be Worth it.

For the ones who need to learn to be okay with slow progress: Slow Progress

For teachers who hear those that cannot do teach: Why you should hire a former teacher

What I’m into – July 2015


  • chatroulette – I have been able to meet so many people around the world. It is such a fun website. I enjoy getting to know how other people in other cultures think.
  • If you find this email- I love this website. People write emails from their heart. If you are a sentimental person I would read the emails.


  • Reverb church- I have been enjoying my new church. Hopefully it will be considered to be home shortly. However, I am still having struggle with the over eager evangelical “starbucks” type churches. However, I love how the Bible is directly told to us in evangelical churches I can’t seem to leave.

Fitness/Eating Healthy

  • I have been starting to work out this month with my friend at 4:30 am. It has been good but it has been difficult ( and it has only been a week).
  • I need to start eating more healthy. I need to keep a food journal. I need to limit my calories to 1200 calories a day.


  • I love my new forest green eyeshadow from Mac.
  • I love the giving key. You purchase one with the word you need and when you feel like someone needs it more than you end up giving it away. I chose strength. All it proceeds go to the homeless. I would highly recommend it.


  • Do you Believe was a really good christian movie. I highly recommend it. I don’t understand why it got such a bad reputation.
  • The Duff was a quirky cute chick flick. It was typical but it was not at the same time. I recommend it.

Fun Events

  • Bowling- I really enjoy bowling more than I thought I did.
  • Trivia- this also was something that I enjoyed that I did not think I would enjoy.