What I Learned – She Found Joy Tour 2018

Credit: All of these things I learned came from the speakers at the She Found Joy Conference. None of these words are my own.


  • We need to acknowledge that we see fear but we are going to trust God instead.
  • The fourth watch of the night the Bible is referring to is between 3:00 am and 6:00 am.
  • A faltering ( when you doubt Jesus) in your faith does not mean you are a failure.
  • Courage has little to do with earthly bravery and everything to do with heavenly focus.
  • Jesus IS good but NOT safe.

What I Am Into – September 2018

Subscription Boxes:

  • Singles Swag (3/5) –  I finally got my box. I am not sure I would become a monthly subscriber. I feel the products are very low quality for the price. However, I did love one product. I will review it below.
  1. Purlisse Watermelon Energizing Aqua Balm. I will definitely order that specific product again in the future. It makes your face feel very refreshed.

  • FabFitFun (5/5) – I LOVED this box. I was so shocked when I saw how HUGE the box was on my door step. There were several FULL SIZED products that I adored and will use. I will list my favorite products from the box below.
  1. Skin & Co Roma Blue in Capri Shower Gel -The scent is an herbal and pine blend. This smell was very distinct and strong but I liked it.

2. Vince Camuto Luck Tote – I ordered Fab Fit Fun box just so I would get this tote. I adore leather, fall, and the colors brown plus black together so this was a must purchase item for me.

3. ALFRED Ceramic and Stainless Steel Teapot – I am a wannabe tea drinker. I like the idea of having a glass of hot tea but I rarely ever do. I need to start. This teapot is also super cute.


4. Catherine Malandrino Umbrella – This umbrella is super sturdy, trendy, and cute. It is a must have and I am so glad it came inside my box.


  • MICHAEL Michael Kors Jett Slide – I had bought one pair of MK sandals and they are now worn out. I bought these recently and they are SUPER cute and comfy. 

What I am Loving:

  • Bible Study Quiz Book – This quiz will lead you in the direction of a Bible Study that will personally benefit you.


  • The Eternal Current: How a Practice-Based Faith Can Save Us from Drowning by Aaron Niequist (2/5) – This was a very confusing book. I  didn’t grasp the concept at at all.
  • Fat and Faithful by Nicole Morgan (5/5) – Read my review here: Fat and Faithful Review

Interesting Posts:

Quote of the Month:

Dear Church,

Jesus protected women.
Empowered women.
Honored women publicly.
Released the voice of women.
Confided in women.
Was funded by women.
Learned from women.
Respected women.
And spoke of women as examples to follow.
Your turn.

Free Gifts:

  • Rosé Exfoliating Sugar Cubes by Francesca’s – I got an email from Francesca’s to come pick out a free gift. The first thing I saw and smelled was the Rosé Exfoliating Sugar Cubes and I fell in love. It makes my skin feel super soft. The only down side it kinda makes my skin itchy. But you can’t really regret a FREE gift.

Fat and Faithful by Nicole Morgan Review


My Review – 5 Stars

This book is about a girl who is overweight and believes that she can love and serve the Lord being overweight. She wants to prove to the church that you don’t have to shame fat people. She gave me a different perspective on certain Bible verses. Although unlike the author I think eating healthy and exercising is an important way to take care of your body. At the same time when we call ourselves ugly and beat ourselves up that is not a healthy concept. She is truly teaching me to love and accept myself. I just respect this author so much and want to be her BFF.

The Phrase Let Go, Let God Drowned My Soul

I was in either High School or College when I heard the phrase Let Go, Let God. It stung my heart to hear that since I couldn’t let go of my depression, anxiety, or problems that meant I didn’t trust God enough. Over the years I have learned to accept that I can still trust God THROUGH my depression, anxiety, and problems. Those things do not need to be absent in order to still have faith. I quote this next verse I am going to put on here often.  2 Timothy 2:13 says, “If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.” Even if we are faithless God is still faithful because He is a faithful God. He also is a God of understanding. Hebrews 4:15 says, “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are–yet he did not sin.”

What I am Into – August 2018

“I love borders. August is the border between summer and autumn; it is the most beautiful month I know.”

— Tove Jansson 

What I Am Loving:

  • Best Subscription Boxes For Women – I am so excited to try some of these subscription boxes. I am part of a face book group and the women encouraged me to try it because they say that certain ones are worth the price.


Post’s I Adored:



Unremarried Widow by Henderson (5/5) – This was a great book about the death of her husband, how it mirrored her own father’s death, and the grieving process. The ending felt unfinished but otherwise great story.

I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness (4/5) – What wonderful insights on racial inequality and somethings we can do about it.

 Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity by Lauren Winner (2/5) – I love most of Lauren Winner’s books but this one did not impress me at all. The only thing I really got out of this book is the difference between celibacy and chastity.

Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life by Tish Warren (1/5) – I was less than impressed by this book. It was suppose to show how we can commune with God even doing the most tedious task. I didn’t learn anything.



Made Me Laugh:



  • Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset – by Luke Bryan – I am not really a fan of a lot of modern day country music. However, I loved this song and video by Luke Bryan. It reminds me of sunny days here in Florida. I live in Florida and we spend a lot of our weekends boating and jet sking.




  1. I Feel Pretty (4/5) – This movie is about a girl who feels fat and ugly. One day she hits her head at the gym and then all of a sudden feels pretty and confident. She thinks she looks difference but by the end of the movie she realized her looks didn’t change at all. That is when she totally accepts herself as she is.
  2.  Kissed by God (4/5)- This is a documentary about a famous surfer who had bipolar          disorder. He ended up overdosing accidentally and had a heart attack and died.


  • I went to Tampa, Florida this month. We went an explored down town ybor ( forgot to take a single picture).  I also was obsessed with with beautiful pool on the 3rd floor of the hotel. It was was made of salt water which is way better for your eyes to see in unlike chlorine water which hurts.

Image may contain: outdoor and water



  • I turned 27 this month.

Image may contain: Megan Hall, smiling, stripes and indoor


What I am Loving:

  • Angry Orchard Rose – I have always liked hard cider. The Rose one is way better. Image may contain: drink and indoor












Blown Off: – These are stories about people that went on a date and then never heard back from them again. The radio hosts calls the people who are ghosting them to find out why.

What I am Into June 2018


Plan B by Pete Wilson (4/5) – What a wonderful book that encourages to live with out bitter with the way our life turned out. We need to embrace the life we already got. We need to trust God fully and realize He understands our suffering.

Whole: Restoring What Is Broken in Me, You, and the Entire World (1/5) – I wasn’t really impressed with this book. I didn’t really gain any new insights.

Come Matter Here: Your Invitation to Be Here in a Getting There World by HB (5/5)-This gem of a book was about God, Church, Moving to Atlanta and discovering how to occupy and love the space she is in. I would highly recommend it.


Posts I Loved:


Makes Me Laugh:

What I am Into – April 2018

1. Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People by Bob Goff (5/5) –  This book is just what I need. It is about Loving our enemies. I think this is probably the hardest thing to do but Bob Goff shows us how he is done agreeing with Jesus and actually do what he says. He learns to actively love people who are mean and bad ( including witch doctors). He teaches us we should follow what Jesus commands and actually did and engage in with people we would normally hate and avoid.

2. Still Waiting: Hope for When God Doesn’t Give You What You Want (5/5) – This is a story about a life long struggle the author had. She shares the story of the bleeding woman who had bled for 12 years until she had faith so she touched Jesus and was restored. The author lets us know that we may not be healed of our particular pains in this life but one day we will encounter God and be respond. She puts a strong emphasis that we need to have our Hope SOLEY on Christ.

3. Embracing the Body: Finding God in Our Flesh and Bone (5/5) – This book is about how we can connect our physical body with God. After all HE gave our bodies to us. This is such a unique perspective that I have never read before. It open my eyes to new ways to connect with God.

4. A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World (3/5) –This book shows us different ways we can pray to God. It gave me so new ideas ( ex: how to make a prayer card).

 Made Me Laugh:

Pizza Ideal Shake – Ideal shape is a weight loss shake that comes in different flavors. For april fools they pretended to have added a pizza shake to their list.

Work Out and Jesus – a silly video for those who love jesus, silly people, and working out.


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