What I Am Into – April 2019


  • Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I’ve Loved  by Kate Bowler – In this book she discusses the negatives and positives of the prosperity Gospel. She also discusses her journey through having cancer.  This book really opened my eyes to different views on life. At the end of the book she tells people some good ways and bad ways you can to say to people who are suffering.


  • Like Father (5/5) – this was a cute movie about a girl who took her father ( who she hasn’t seen in years) on her honey moon. This was because her husband stood her up at the altar. It was a nice change to see a movie based on other family bonds besides the romantic ones.
  • Kiss & Cry (5/5) – This movie was about a girl who got cancer. It is based on a true story. She went through some hardships. Then one day she decided she didn’t want cancer to stop her. Unfortunately, she eventually died.
  • Instant Family (5/5) – This movie was inspired by a true story. A family adopts three siblings. One of the them being a teen which melts my heart even more. This movie gave me all the feels. It made me laugh and cry. The foster system is broken and the kids go through so much. I have a lot of empathy for them now.
  • The Hate U Give (5/5) – This movie was about cops and racist against black. It is going to be controversial movie but I think everyone needs to watch it.
  • Walk.Ride.Rodeo (5/5) – A girl who is a passionate rodeo rider ends up getting into a horrible car accident. She is paralyzed from the waist down. Although she could never walk again she learns to ride again using mouth noises to lead the horses instead of her legs. This is a based on a true story which makes me loves the movie even more.




What a Wonderful World: