What I am into- December

What I'm Into


Avatar – 3/5

Paper Towns- 4/5

Pan- 4/5

Madagascar – 3/5



My Favorite Post:

Addie Zierman responded to my question about  being Lonely at church .

Posts I loved:


Websites I adored:

Glitter for your enemies. – You can actually buy and then anonymously send glitter to your enemies.

Pixabay– a great photo editing website where you can put quotes on back grounds.

Literary Starbucks – this website tells you what kind of coffee our favorite characters would order.

google things for other people – you can google things for other people and then send them the link.

Around Town:

  • I went to an Ugly  Sweater Christmas party.


3 thoughts on “What I am into- December

  1. Tell me more about Pan!!! Is that the one that was recently in theatres? It’s on my list along with that new Sherlock movie (where Sherlock is really old, I think).

    Your playlist has so much variety!!! I love all the Jon Foreman and Destiny’s Child is always a good choice too. 🙂

    Clicked over to the literary Starbucks. I’m looking forward to checking that out when I’m done commenting! Also, I’ve been using the word “adore” for EVERYTHING this month. I don’t know why.


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