What I am into – September 2015

Weight Loss/Fitness/Healthy Eating : I am still not losing weight. I really need to get motivated and work the get these 40 pounds off.


St. Augustine- It was St. Augustines 450th birthday. So i got to do touristy things in my own city that I would normally not be able to do. It was free this month. 🙂


Magic Kingdom – I went to disney world. This time we went to Magic Kingdom. I didn’t get to see all the new things. However, I did go on the new snow white roller coaster and the new ariel ride. I hope to walk around the new Belle town next time. I want to tour Cinderella’s castle. I also want to go to the fairytale garden.

Book Nerd: 

 If you feel too much – I have always been the one among my friends as “the sensitive one”. I cry over everything. Whether a beautiful or sad moment you will see me bawling my eyes out.  I am so thankful I am like this now. However, I need to make sure my emotions don’t consume me. This book is a reminder of that. I HIGHLY recommend it. If you feel too much you are not alone.

Music: I have finally ventured out to listen to some new music. Those are my favorite ones that I discovered this month. Which ones have you heard? Any recommendations?

September 2015 – Music

September 2015 – Worship Music

Useful finds:

The Skimm – It gives you the news in a short email ( daily). I recommend it to all of you people who does not like to watch the news.

Posts I Loved: 

For the ones who are stuck: You’re Never Going to Be Fully Ready

For the ones who struggle to read the Bible: How to read the Bible everyday

For the ones who want to understand young adults: Millennials and Church

For the ones who are worn out: Rest As Transformation

For the ones who want to have better days: Never having a bad day

For the ones who were  Goody Two-Shoes growing up: Former Goody Two-Shoes

For marrieds who want to understand singles: Understanding Singles

For the ones who need rethink what sins are “okay” : Biblical Literalist

For the ones who need encouragement: Keep Going. It will be Worth it.

For the ones who need to learn to be okay with slow progress: Slow Progress

For teachers who hear those that cannot do teach: Why you should hire a former teacher

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